Burger Radiologists is staffed by trained physicians with expertise in major disciplines to include mammography, ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography and general procedures which include fluoroscopy, tomography, IVP's and radiographic procedures for head, chest, abdomen and extremity examinations. All radiographers have advanced level training and certifications in modalities they specialize in.

List of Radiologists:

Dr TD de Beer Dr AL Spangenberg Dr PJ Fourie
MB.ChB.(Wits),M.Med.,Rad.D(Pret) MB.ChB.(Pret),M.Med.,Rad.D(Pret) MB.ChB.(Pret),M.Med.,Rad.D(Pret)
Dr MJ Wilson Dr E Schmid Dr AP Winter
MB.ChB.(Pret),M.Med.,Rad.D(Pret) MB.ChB.(Wits),FC Rad.D(SA) MB.ChB.(Stell),F.F.Rad.D(Pta)
Dr WJ Burger Dr DJ Thom Dr GJ Steyn
MB.ChB.(Stell),M.Med.,Rad.D(UOFS) MB.ChB.(Pta),FC Rad.D(SA) MB.ChB.(Pret),FC.Rad,M.Med.,Rad.D(Pta)
Dr WJN Vermeulen Dr FJS Steyn Dr F Potgieter
MB.ChB.(UFS),M.Med.Diag (UP),FC Rad(SA) MB.ChB.(Pret),FC.Rad,M.Med.,Rad.D(Pta) MB.ChB(Stel),M.Med.,Rad.D(OVS)D.A.(SA)
Dr N Bellew Dr M Bove Dr AE Coetze
MBBCh(Wits), DA(SA), FCRad Diag(SA), MMed Rad(D)(Pret) MB.ChB.(Wits),FC Rad.D(SA) MB.ChB.(Stell),FC.Rad.D(SA)
Dr JM Edwards Dr A Celliers Dr W Steyn
MB.ChB.(Wits),FC Rad.D(SA) MB.ChB.(Pta),FC Rad.D(SA), MMED D.RAD(BFN) MB.ChB.(Wits),FC Rad Diag(SA)